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Privacy Policy for CoreHealth Customer Websites

Your privacy is important to CoreHealth Technologies Inc. ("CoreHealth"). Our privacy policy explains how CoreHealth collects, uses and discloses personal information you may provide while using a CoreHealth Website and software. By using a CoreHealth website or software, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as described by this policy.

Collection of Information

1. Cookies

"Cookies" are pieces of data sent from a Web server to a Web browser that enable a Web server to identify users that visit a site hosted by the server. We use Cookies to identify you so that we can provide you more customized information and services. At your discretion, you may configure your Web browser not to accept cookies from CoreHealth. However, if you do not accept cookies from CoreHealth, you may lose access to CoreHealth or experience decreased performance of the Site.

2. Non-Personal Information

CoreHealth collects non-personal information from CoreHealth website users including pages accessed and viewed, date and time accessed, and whether a search was performed in order to get to the website. We can use this information to analyse how the website is being used and to determine how to improve it.

3. Personal Information

CoreHealth collects personal information when you register as a user. This information can include name, address, email, date birth, phone, activity level, and other data items as defined by CoreHealth.

Use of Information

CoreHealth uses your personal information to contact you, and as required by law from the personal information you provide to us. We may combine this information in a form that does not specifically identify you (collectively, "Aggregate Data"). You agree to allow us to disclose and publish Aggregate Data on an Aggregate Basis (as defined below) to any party through any means, including without limitation through press releases, advertising or similar communications. "Aggregate Basis" means that we combine parts of your Customer Information collected through the Site that do not contain your identifying information with other information from any number of other users/visitors to the Site for any given period of time in a manner that is not intended to disclose any personally identifiable information about individual users, even if it is possible for some to guess what individuals may have been involved.

CoreHealth commonly partners with government and corporations ("Affiliate") to encourage healthy living. Where CoreHealth has partnered with an Affiliate, with whom you are registered, your personal and non-personal information will be available to that Affiliate pursuant to that Affiliate's privacy policy.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Except as otherwise disclosed in this Privacy Policy, CoreHealth does not rent, sell, or share non-depersonalized personal information about you unless required by law.

Location of Information

Except for data stored with Affiliates or as determined by contract, all CoreHealth website data is stored on servers located within Canada.

Confidentiality and Security

CoreHealth uses physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information about you. Only employees, contractors, or third party service providers working with CoreHealth, who need to see the information to do their jobs, have access to your personal information. Your personal information will only be used or disclosed in compliance with British Columbia laws and in those ways described in this privacy policy.

Other Considerations

CoreHealth or our Affiliates may provide links to other websites, software or resources. We do not have control over how these other parties manage personal information.

Due to changes in business, technology and unforeseen situations, CoreHealth has the right to change this Policy without prior notice or liability. Any changes will be posted online or can be requested by contacting the CoreHealth Privacy Officer.

Until you have terminated your permission to use your personal information in writing to CoreHealth Privacy Officer, CoreHealth may disclose information about you as described in this Policy as amended from time to time.

Contacting CoreHealth Privacy Officer

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or your personal information, you may contact CoreHealth's Privacy Officer by emailing privacy@corehealth.global, phoning 866-396-2673 or writing to CoreHealth Technologies Inc., #202 - 3275 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna, BC, Canada V1W 3S9.

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